Quick Sustainable Tip: Internet Fax Service

I hate fax machines.  I mean I REALLY hate them.  If you have a fax machine there’s the cost and resources necessary for keeping it going, which includes the machine itself, paper, ink, usually a dedicated phone line, and lots of patience from dealing with busy signals.  If you don’t have a fax machine you are then relegated to going to the neighborhood FedEx|Kinkos, paying a few bucks per page faxed, and if you’re incredibly fortunate you don’t have to fight the machine as it pulls your page in sideways.

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of the fax machine and you already have internet access then you’re ready for an internet fax service.  The faxes show up in your specified email inbox (usually up to a few different email inboxes if you desire) as a PDF or some other file format so you can file them or forward them onto someone else with ease.

The service usually costs in the range of ten dollars a month and it works exactly like email.  You save money and resources by not having to purchase all of the items required for a fax machine, and you will never get a busy signal.  And you usually have the choice of getting a fax number with a local area code or an 800 number.

There are many internet fax providers to choose from so you definitely have options for finding one that best fits your needs.

So go save a lot of paper, ink, money, and maybe more importantly your sanity.


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