Quick Sustainable Tip: Stop Receiving Catalogs in the Mail

A popular marketing strategy that retailers have involves sending a catalog of their goods and services to anyone they have a mailing address for.  I’m sure most people receive catalogs in the mail that are immediately pitched in the recycle bin without ever being opened.

It takes a lot of natural resources to produce paper catalogs (53 million trees a year, 56 billion gallons of wastewater, and when they’re thrown out they create 4.1 million tons of waste).  If you want to save a few trees and alleviate the hassle of you tossing these out check out Catalog Choice.  From there you can stop the delivery of a good number of catalogs, and if you don’t see the one you receive in the mail you can submit your catalog and they’ll verify if its one they can stop.  And it’s free.


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