2 thoughts on “My Guest Blog on Huliq – Architectural Experimentation

  1. Mile High Pixie

    What I take away from your article is that we need theorists to provide odd and unusual ideas, and then we need practicals to make them functional. It’s a crazy system, but it seems to work well, It reminds me of the saying that you should only hire people unlike you to work for you because they bring a different set of skills and perspectives. Well done.

  2. Eric Post author

    It’s definitely a crazy system, and it goes well beyond just architectural design. The theorists are the revolutionaries that question the status quo by asking “what if…”, and from there, if their idea is valid, a new reality is born. (See Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, and anyone else that has invented anything that we use today)

    Frank Gehry has done some incredibly revolutionary architecture, but it will be the architects after him (the evolutionaries) that will take what he has invented and make something even greater. Imagine if the curves of his buildings were formed to allow more sun exposure to maximize the energy created from solar panels? These are the next round of “what if…” questions that will be asked – how can the fashionable become functional?


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