Personalizing Interior Architecture (And Having Cool Space Invaders)

My future office

My future office

Most of my architectural experience is with working on residential projects, and one primary difference between residential and many other types of architectural is the level of personalization.  For offices, schools, and other non-residential building types the focus on design is towards a cohesiveness that exudes professionalism and anything else the primary business owner wants to convey.  Of course there are those instances where employees are allowed to personalize their workspace, but there’s usually a limit as to how much non-offensive stuff you can accumulate on your desk.  (Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.)

In residential projects there are no design standards predicated on the vision statement of a company.  If you want calm, then you go with neutral colors; if you want crazy, then you paint everything a fluorescent color and hang a strobe light from the ceiling fan.  One of the first places to begin the customization of your home is with the walls, and if you’re bored with projecting your personality with merely paint then you will surely find this wall art by blik right up your alley.  If you can’t find a wall art you like you can always have an inspirational quote on your window (it’s somewhere on this page).

And the beauty of this is that there are commercial applications.  Of course a patient can’t demand a wall be painted a certain color just as he is getting prepped for surgery, but having a patient room that deviates from the norm provides a sense that the individual residing within that space is not just a cog in the machine of society.

Definitely peruse these cool wall artworks.  I’ve got my eye on a sweet alien attack force circa 1981.


2 thoughts on “Personalizing Interior Architecture (And Having Cool Space Invaders)

  1. Mile High Pixie

    Baahahaaha! I love that the head Space Invader is teaching everyone the proper way to descend line by line. I’m sure Richard Meier would nearly pass out if he saw this space–how dare it be anything but white, white, white!

  2. Eric Post author

    You gotta have a plan when you go into battle. You joke about Richard Meier, but you’re also right about him and most other starchitects (and some other architects without the same credentials but definitely with the same amount of arrogance) in that the architect or interior designer will sometimes design every square inch of a space without leaving anything left over for the owner to totally customize it to his or her liking. I would love to have a client that asks to have at least one wall left clean just so that he or she can decide to fill it with either space aliens or a giant Donkey Kong.


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