Estimating the cost for your next remodel project

Architects are typically very knowledgeable about many facets of a construction project beyond just the design. We understand the proper way for detailing how materials come together, and which materials are most appropriate for certain circumstances. Because of ever-changing costs in materials and labor, architects typically have to consult a general contractor for a rough cost estimate for projects.

But for the layperson there’s always a hesitation in contacting a contractor (or even an architect) in estimating what a remodel job may cost or what’s involved with making a remodel job a reality. If you’re looking for a rough estimate to at least give you an idea of what a kitchen remodel may cost you or an addition to your house, may I introduce to you the Consumer Estimator.

The costs you will find by using this service are definitely ballpark numbers. Every project is different, including yours.

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3 thoughts on “Estimating the cost for your next remodel project

  1. Remodel cost

    Yeah friend you are absolutely right. I’m agree with you that A designer play a great role in featuring of a remodeling effort, also help to estimate total budget including material & labour cost. Really they help us alot in saving our cost.


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