Some of the weirdest homes in the world

This link to the weirdest homes in the world seems somewhat apropos after recently posting an article mentioning Daniel Libeskind. There are probably some attributes from these homes that may revolutionize the way we construct buildings (such as the curvilinear form of the NURBan Design), and there are homes where the implementation of their construction methods are highly improbable (such as the LEGO house – which if I had this house I would fear that I would come home from work and find that my son decided to disassemble the house to build a large spaceship).

Everything we take for granted today was once a weird idea (a carriage that moves without a horse, phones with no wires, a blanket with a hood and sleeves that makes everyone look like a druid), so take a good look at these homes because there’s a good chance you’ll be living in one in the not so distant future. Well, maybe not the LEGO house. But who’s to say you won’t be living in a LEGO spaceship.

The houses can be seen at this website –


2 thoughts on “Some of the weirdest homes in the world

  1. Miss Kitty

    Nice blog! My sister sent the link to me. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to add your URL to my Links section.

    Sadly, I still can’t afford a Mini Cooper, or “Italian Job”-style driving lessons. [sigh]


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