What if the Rebel Alliance had Powerpoint? (as shown by Presentation Zen)

Construction documents are very much like slide presentations. A picture is worth a thousand words, so most of the time architects, engineers, and other consultants try to explain everything about a project with a drawing. And despite a picture worth a thousand words, sometimes the words you’re trying to convey are not included with those thousand words, so we write specifications to better explain what needs to be built. We try to keep the pictures and words separated, because otherwise the construction documents will look like almost every single Powerpoint presentation I’ve ever seen.

I absolutely love this post on Presentation Zen showing a Powerpoint presentation for attacking the Death Star. If you speak to people or listen to people you should be reading the Presentation Zen blog.


1 thought on “What if the Rebel Alliance had Powerpoint? (as shown by Presentation Zen)

  1. Mile High Pixie

    BAAAHAHAAAAA!!! “Sorry about these visual folks….oh, the projector went out….dammit, how did Vader get all the good IT guys?” “He gives them free soda and ping-pong tables, sir.”


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