Haiti – A year later

It’s been nearly a year since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This talk reminds us that if previous systems and methodologies for designing and constructing buildings failed because of an earthquake, should we trust those systems and methodologies in the future? I don’t pretend to be a seismologist, but I would assume if an area experienced a major earthquake then that area will experience another major earthquake in the future.

This is a previous post of mine relating to architecture in a natural disaster area.



1 thought on “Haiti – A year later

  1. Mile High Pixie

    I recall there being an earthquake in Colombia when I was in grad school, and we asked a Colombian classmate of ours why so many people were dying in it. He responded that many poor folks out in the country were buying CMUs and making their own homes out of them, with little to no proper support, rebar…and really no proper engineering. Think of what a grassroots “here’s how you build with this material” movement could have done for them, and perhaps that’s what Haiti needs as well.


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