What should be the next urbanism buzzword?

Apparently the term “smart growth” is out of style as much as a Sony Walkman and Crystal Pepsi (tastes just like Pepsi, and now with more transparency!). In this article on Next American City’s website they are looking for the next urbanism buzzword. So, for you who are not in the know about urbanism slang (which I mean slang used by city planners, not urban youths), “smart growth” is out, and “intelligent cities” is in.

I’m not sure if the next urbanism buzzword will change anything. We use these terms to succinctly describe (apparently in two words or less) the strategy of designing our built environment and of protecting our natural environment. Seems like for something so important we could get away with using at least three or four words. These terms at least try to communicate a way to design our cities with a more holistic approach rather than a focusing on each parcel of land as though it existed in the vacuum of space-time.

So, if you’ve read all of Nostradamus’ quatrains and feel like sharing with the rest of us on what will be the next urbanism buzzword, you can post your suggestion via Twitter @NextAmCity, or on their Facebook page.




1 thought on “What should be the next urbanism buzzword?

  1. Mile High Pixie

    I think the two-word buzzword thing is because our modern two-cycle weedwhacker brains can’t focus on anything and/or really take the time to think through complex issues. Sadly, I think that’s the problem with most issues these days. People want to change one thing or blame one thing when the truth is every problem has more than one solution. “Intelligent cities” need a lot of things to work: higher living unit density, better mix of housing and commercial/retail, sidewalks, comfortable parking, more money and energy-efficient buildings, oh and a reduction in housing prices. Among other things.


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