Colorful homes (or why beige is no longer a color)

Most suburban developments consist of architecture filled with color. These colors range from sand to taupe, khaki to cream, and for the more exotic locales cafe au lait to ecru. But you have to believe that sooner or later we’re going to run out of synonyms for beige.

Color reveals a specific taste, a focused mindset on how a person views the world, an attraction to an attitude and lifestyle. The problem with color is that not everyone shares those tastes, views, and attitudes. We typically live in a particular home for a short duration, so when the house goes up for sale a significant amount of money can be lost be the seller simply because a prospective buyer doesn’t like the color.

(Side note: If Stalin was brought back from the dead, and then dropped off in the middle of a typical suburban neighborhood filled with beige homes and conservatively colored minivans in every driveway, would he have thought the Soviets won the Cold War?)

Color is light, and light is good. Like them or not, the owners of these homes (another link) should be commended on their bravery for revealing their tastes, views, and attitudes.

(Another side note: I have to believe the Heidelberg Project belongs to Flea.)


2 thoughts on “Colorful homes (or why beige is no longer a color)

  1. Beyond Timid

    You have a point here. I think people back off from colorful houses because they don’t want to have to deal with painting over them. It’s a lot of paint (the primer plus the actual color they want), a lot of money, and a lot of time. Houses with blank white walls are just an easier option since white is a neutral color and most people don’t have a problem with it. And if they do, at least they don’t have to buy as much paint.

    The Cold War reference was funny. 😀

  2. property for sale Chamonix

    Yeah building on the above comment its not only the cost of paint and maintenance but also many of these cluster homing complexes have agreements that stop anyone from really expressing themselves through colour. I’ve even heard of cases of homeowners in suburbs ganging together to oppose people with bright houses!

    Great picture and who doesnt want their house to glow in the afterlight.


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