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Is Architecture More Than Merely a Service Industry?

I recently came across a blog (schneiderism) where a post discussed the idea of architecture being a service industry.  Technically architecture is a service industry, at least in that it does not primarily provide a tangible product.  But it seems that within the definition of service industry you have what I’ll term the “math” service professions and the “art” service professions.

The “math” service professions can be judged with a prescribed method for determining if the service was done correctly.  What I mean by this is that a checklist can be made of what needs to be accomplished, and when the checklist is complete the work is done.  When an electrician does the wiring for a new light fixture the success of that service can be deemed complete when the light fixture operates correctly and when the building hasn’t burned down to the ground.  The same goes for an accountant, a painter, or even a car mechanic.

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