Quick Sustainable Tip: Digital Magazines

I love looking through magazines, and I’m incredibly moody when it comes to which one I read.  There’s a few I check out relating to architecture (dwell when I’m in the mood for modern residential projects, and Architectural Record to see what’s going on with the same twelve most famous architects in the world [that’s a bit of a generalization, but not really]).  When I used to frequent the laundromat I always had to have a car magazine to pass the time away.  Now I have a subscription to Entrepreneur to motivate and hone my business sense, and every once in a while when I visit the bookstore I purchase a magazine that doesn’t mention the word “architecture” just to give some other brain cells the chance to have some fun.

The one thing that I hate about magazines is that they last for a few days before I pitch them.  There are those dwell magazines that I have piled up in one of our closets, but soon after they fall and give my wife a concussion I sort through them and throw away at least half of them.

Recently I’ve been receiving a digital copy of Building Design + Construction.  Definitely not a fun magazine unless you’re addicted to the world of architecture, but the digital format is great.  And there are many other magazines that offer this same digital format.

The Read Green Initiative offers a free one year subscription to a digital format of quite a few magazines.  And the website Zinio even has a few free samples of digital magazines.  Whether you’re into reading Car and Driver or looking forward to the centerfold in the summer edition of Elevator World there’s most likely something there for you.

I succumbed to my inner architectural geek and got a free subscription to Green Source.  To receive the free subscription through The Read Green Initiative (a part of Zinio) all I had to submit was an email address.  And with Zinio I was able to download a free reader program so that I could read my digital magazine without being online.  There are also free issues of magazines, which I’ve got my eyes on one for Motor Trend.  Looks like it’s time to download the free issue and do some laundry.


One thought on “Quick Sustainable Tip: Digital Magazines

  1. Mile High Pixie

    Just got back from the lecture in GA, which went really well. Love the comment about “seeing what the same twelve architects are up to.” I haven’t bent the spine on a copy of Record in years, except that one Recession issue that I mocked mercilessly.


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